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Welcome to Shop Simple: An Online Shopping Aid for Women

Online shopping has completely revolutionized the way many people shop. By going beyond brick and mortar stores, it allows shoppers the ease and freedom to find any product they desire at a price that's probably better than those of physical store fronts near many consumers, particularly clothing. However online shopping for clothing has a major roadblock when it comes to female shoppers: the inability to try things on prior to purchase. Clothing for women has a long history of struggling to standardize sizes, so while a woman could be an 8 in one store, she could be a 12 in another. Most sizing charts are entirely unhelpful, and with the costs of shipping and returning items that don't fit, a female customer may wind up paying more to buy and return and item than she did for the item itself! That's where Shop Simple comes in! This online shopping aid allows users to peruse the posts of other users about the fit and sizing from a multitude of brands. By learning what other women of similar build and size thought of the clothing of certain brands and items, female shoppers can take the guesswork out of the size and fit of what they buy online and enjoy the ease and freedom of online shopping once again! Make a profile and join this online community that helps women of all shapes and sizes look and feel great!